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Alfresco 1.4 Records Management problems

Question asked by mwhitehart on Dec 15, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2007 by snowch
I am trying to install the Records Managment component in Alfresco 1.4 but am having the same reoccuring issue.

I followed the Records Managment documentation WIKI to import the records_space.acp, but get the following error:

12:22:14,109 ERROR [repo.action.ActionServiceImpl] An error was encountered whilst executing the action 'import'. org.alfresco.service.cmr.view.ImporterException: Failed to import package at line 84; column 48 due to error: Namespace URI has not been defined in the Repository dictionary

I have seen a number of different posting that mention downloading the preview and community code and building the 'Records Managment' package, but I can't see this in the SubVersion repository (HEAD).  Nonetheless I have built the alfresco WAR from the latest source code and have redeployed the alfresco.war file.  Unfortunately this has not resolved the issue.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.