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Problems with metadata extractors

Question asked by nacho.manzano on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on May 4, 2008 by pmonks

I have the a problem with the following code in Alfresco 2.1.2.
(custom-metadata-extrators-context.xml file)

If I use a text property it works fine, but if I use a date property it
doesn´t work. This code worked well in Alfresco 2.1.1 but it doesn´t work in
Alfresco 2.1.2.   Does anybody know why?

   <bean id="extracter.PdfDocument" 
parent="baseMetadataExtracter" >
        <property name="inheritDefaultMapping">
        <property name="mappingProperties">
                <prop key="created">evoltia:testDate</prop>

Thanks in advance.