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The file locking mechanism implemented with JLan3.7.5

Question asked by james on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by bbp
We conducted the several test cases on file locking mechanism of JLan3.7.5 in three scenarios with different applications, including MS Office Word2003, Photoshop, OpenOffice. the interesting thing is  : there is different result with different application on the file locking. three testing scenarios are:
1. Remote Lock/Local Open   
2. Local Lock/Remote Open
3. Remote Lock/Remote Open

here is the results listed below:
Application                         RemoteLock/LocalOpen              LocalLock/RemoteOpen                  RemoteLock/RemoteOpen
MS Office Word2003(MNP)       S(Batch oplock granted)                         S                                            S(Batch oplock granted)
MSOffice Word2003(JLan)      F(No oplock granted)                           S                                      F(No oplock granted)
PhotoShop(MNP)                         F(Pessimistic Lock)                 F(Pessimistic Lock)                    F(Pessimistic Lock)
PhotoShop(JLan)                         F(Pessimistic Lock)                 F(Pessimistic Lock)                     F(Pessimistic Lock)
OpenOffice(MNP)                        S(Batch oplock granted)                      S                                                         S
OpenOffice(JLan)                 S(No oplock granted)                F(after selection of the file type ,   F(No oplock granted)
                                                                                                  the file can’t open with a error
                                                                                                 coming out.)   

*: S: Succeeded;  F:Failed

how to explain these interesting test results we got with JLan3.7.5?    Hope your reply!