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automatic archiving possible?

Question asked by copymaster on Dec 17, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2007 by copymaster

I like to know if and how is it possible to automate the dms process.

Say, we like to automatically put EVERY openoffice Document into the DMS and every MS Word and Excel documents.

Do i have implement some code in openoffice or MS WORD/EXCEL to archieve this?

Or is there a possibility that Alfresco looks into a Directory and automatically puts everything into the DMS?

AND another question. If i have a Database, where the METADATA of documents is stored (including document names) is it possible to tell Alfresco to look into this DB where the Metadata is stored and to put the documents into the DMS?
Is it further possible to "call"  a document out of Alfresco from another application, so that the content is displayed in the appropriate Software (Openoffice, MS Word, acrobat) ???