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Easy Compile?

Question asked by mrudmann on Dec 18, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by charbel
I want to simply alter the code so that the image points to a local image in order to avoid that https problem with the footer logo (the one where the warning screen keeps popping up if running https - this is due to the code referring to an http image).

That's the background.  What I want to do now is simply change that one little line of code so that it points to a locally hosted image so I can avert the warning popups.

What is the simplest way to compile the file and stuff it back into the installation?  In the past on other apps, after setting the appropriate CLASSPATH, etc.,  I used to simply change the code, compile, and place in a jar.  I was a bit overwhelmed looking at the sdk process of changing the code for alfresco - it seems like a lot of preliminary setup.

I just need a quick compile process for now.  I can setup the sdk later for a more stale change environment.

Can anyone recommend a very simple way to change this piece of code and get the appropriate class back into the alfresco installation?

Your help is greatly appreciated.