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problem accessing content after logging using webservices

Question asked by lalli on Dec 18, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2007 by alcazar
I am using Alfresco V1.4 and working with webservice api.

From Alfresco Web Client, I created a user "lalli" and same password using admin rights. 
Now in my application I try to access a node after starting the session as below :

AuthenticationUtils.startSession("lalli", "lalli");

I am successfully logged in and when I try to access any node (eg : – this user has access to read this file), It is again promting me to login.

I am not sure why its asking for logging even after logging thru my application ?  Even when i log in thru admin
AuthenticationUtils.startSession("lalli", "lalli");, accessing that node is asking me for a login.

In my servlet (in tomcat), i am using
response.sendRedirect(URL) to open my document in new window.  Here URL

Is there any problem doing response.sendRedirect()?

Need this info urgently.

thanx in advance.