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CMS Matrix->Alfresco evaluation

Question asked by syed on Dec 18, 2006

Here is the link from CMS Matrix which gives more information about alfresco features:;listingId=jAy0QOYwSxuDwsWTdNC3Cg (Use go back if the page redirect to some commercials)
My question is, is this accurate information in terms of evaluation of the Alfresco features?

If yes, under build-in-applications category it says 'blog', 'Chat', 'Contact management ' are 'Free Add On', I am wondering where and how these Add ons are available? Are they Alresco add-ons? or 3rd party add-ons?

We are evaluating Alfresco as WCM for one of our projects and this information will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance,