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Performance of web scripts

Question asked by eg on Apr 9, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2008 by davidc
Hi -

I have a question on the overall performance of web scripts. It seems that there is quite a bit of overhead "outside" the web script itself. Our scenario is as follows:

We have a .net program doing uploading a file by doing an http post to an alfresco web script . The total time for the transaction (from when we call the http post 'til we get a response back) is on average 3 seconds - sometimes it was even longer. From logging we are doing in side the web script the actual start-finish of the web script is taking less than 1 second (this sub-second time period was spent receiving the http data, doing a lucence search, creating a space, and adding a content node)

To determine if the other 2 seconds was being spent in Alfresco or in the .net implementation of http we replaced the posting to Alfresco with a posting to a .net service that saves the file to a network share. The results of this test had the transaction being in the order of milliseconds which led us to the issue being in the web script framework.

I understand that there will be overhead in the scripting engine so my question is - if we want to stay within the scripting environment are there any configuration type optimizations or general web script guidelines that we can follow that can reduce the overall transaction time.