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Model for change management?

Question asked by jon.brisbin on Dec 19, 2006
I'm trying to convince the folks here that going with Alfresco will be better in the long run than using a dedicated change-management system because I'll get the added benefit of a CMS with Alfresco. But with our SOX compliance stuff, we *have* to have a change management solution and they don't want to use two different systems to accomplish this.

My question is, are there any models out there that I could use that implement a change management functionality. It looks like all the parts are there to support rolling my own, but I'd like to start with some sort of example before I go wading off into the netherworld of Alfresco. If anyone has tried to implement change management in Alfresco, I'd like to hear about it.

What kinds of issues will I come up against if I try and do this? If I just start hacking some models and actions, what roadblocks will I hit?