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Problem moving node in an Action

Question asked by ruffp on Apr 9, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2008 by mabayona

I get a problem with moving nodes inside an Alfresco Action.

Here the details of my task:

1. Put 2 OpenOffice/StarOffice document (.odt) in a specific folder by FTP
2. A specific rule (Action) is launched to process the documents
   - Make some checks
   - Create subdirectories if doesn t exist
   - Move to the directory
My problem is when the action occurs, the subdirectories are created (like DIR1/DIR2/DIR3 and DIR1/DIR2/DIR4 )
but one file is inside DIR3 but the other one stay in the root folder. This problem does not occurs every time I test (with the same documents)

The action is not synchronised as I said my bean scope to be "prototype" (Spring context) because I want many actions
processing the files in the same time. That is because the finality is to be able to process hundreds of files at a certain time.

Can you tell me if such Alfresco action could be defined as prototype instead of singleton, and if yes, do you have an idea where I can have a look for that problem.

My Alfresco version is 2.1.1

Thanks for your help

PS: I tried to use transactions like in
but it looks like an action does not support nested transactions (I commit successfully but at the end of (after?) the action Alfresco throws the exception : UserTransaction begin/commit mismatch