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virtualisation + simple spring mvc website

Question asked by fbousson on Apr 9, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2008 by kvc
I would like to supply my website which uses spring mvc with content supplied by Alfresco WCM.

Before loading my full website into Alfresco, I wanted to see if the virtual tomcat could handle spring mvc, so I made a small web site.
Just 1 jsp and 1 controller. All the controller did was supply the jsp with a string defined in the controller. Basically an extended "hello world"
If I deployed it locally, everything worked. But when I decided to load the war file into Alfresco WCM and hit the "preview website" button, all I got was a ${myString}
I double checked if all the dependencies were in order, and they were. But clearly there was no interaction between the controller and the jsp.

Anyone know what could be causing the problem?