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new dialog for new space type

Question asked by alpha on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2007 by alpha
i want to add new fields to the space creation dialog
let's say 2 fields : fieldOne, fieldTwo (string fields).

I have created a new action "Create my space" that launches a dialog

<action id="create_myspace">
             <permission allow="true">CreateChildren</permission>
and for the dialog here is the code

<dialog name="createMySpace" page="/jsp/app/space/create-myspace-dialog.jsp" managed-bean="CreateMySpaceDialog"
                icon="/images/icons/create_myspace_large.gif" title-id="create_myspace"
                description-id="create_myspace_description" error-message-id="error_create_myspace_dialog" />

all this code is put in web-client-config-custom.xml

the code for create-myspace-dialog.jsp is taken from alfresco's create-space-dialog.jsp with just little modification to put input field
for fieldOne, and fieldTwo.
I have also created the bean CreateMySpaceDialog, which (like CreateSpaceDialog) extends CreateSpaceWizard, and has the new fields fieldOne and fieldTwo with accessors
i have rewritten getSummary :

public String getSummary() {
      ResourceBundle bundle = Application.getBundle(FacesContext
      return buildSummary(new String[] { bundle.getString("name"),
            bundle.getString("description") }, new String[] {,
            this.fieldOne,this.fieldTwo, this.description });

If i create a new space by launching the action "Create my space", it opens the create-myspace-dialog.jsp, and i fill all the fields, but if i want to see my newly created space in details view, it doesn't display fieldOne et and fieldTwo informations.

Am i missing something? If i create a new type model, how do i link it with my dialog bean (so that the created element is of my new type model)?

Any help is appreciated.