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Opportunity!...but is Alfresco the right platform?

Question asked by widesteps on Apr 10, 2008
Not sure this is the right forum but….

I am working on a (big) project that is looking at using an ECM (Digital Asset Management system?) to store predominantly very large amounts of audio data over several years plus lots of other data/documents - its uses will probably extend.  This audio data will be tagged/associated with many annotations (XML docs) and the audio and associated data will need to be searchable and accessible for (streaming) playback across various web/intranet applications. The repository could in future be used to store video.  The underlying storage will be made up of SAN/NAS/CAS. The ECM would need to store a container object/record that links together documents, audio, annotations etc that are relevant to that particular object/record. All objects and associated items are searchable and should have metadata. All interaction aside from management purposes needs programmatic interfaces (web services or possibly linked via an enterprise service bus). Oh and auth and access rights garnered from links to an active directory store i.e. LDAP.  Business/workflow rules may also need to be built into ECM.

Basically is Alfresco capable of providing this type of platform.  We are also looking at EMC documentum ECM products.  This is serious and could be worth a sizable support contract.  Would appreciate some feedback soon if at all possible.

Thanks in advance