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Display child-association properties in the properties page.

Question asked by robain on Apr 10, 2008
I want to display the attributes of the child node. the default display seems to display a list of the URLs of the child nodes but I want to display certain attributes of the child nodes.

<config evaluator="aspect-name" condition="my:isAble">
<show-child-association name="my:myattributelist" />


<aspect name="my:isAble">
<title>Is Able</title>
<child-association name="my:myattributelist">


<type name="my:attributes">
<property name="my:attribute1">
<property name="my:attribute2">


so now I want to display attribute1 and attribute2 for each child-association that a content with aspect "my:isAble". I understand I should be using custom generator which is available in enterprise version but do not see how I manipulate the values. i dont need to be able to edit those attributes, just display the attributes. please help.