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Accessing Content in both Virtulization and Deploy modes

Question asked by jconnell on Dec 21, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2006 by jconnell

Thank you for producing this excellent product.  You all should be very proud of what you've produced!

We will be using Alfresco to manage series of large sites that contain both static and dynamic content.  One of the features we'll be implementing for these sites is scheduled content.  We have some questions about accessing the content under various scenarios, but here's some context first.  We've developed our current plan based on our research in these message boards and our own experimentation.

Current Plan:

    * We'll use WCM spaces to manage servlets, JSPs etc and static, unscheduled content.
    * We'll use normal spaces to manage scheduled content and have content copied to a production repository.  The production repository will be embedded in the site webapp instances.
Is there a seamless approach for accessing the scheduled content in both the virtualization server and in the live server?  We know the AVMRemote approach used in the sample website works well in virtualization mode, but what about when the site is deployed to an application server?  It seems as if we'd be better off interfacing with Alfresco's NodeService or perhaps its JCR implementation. 

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