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Review/Approval and Sign-off

Question asked by rally on Dec 22, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2007 by richmitc
Is there any way of creating a workflow which would allow for sign-off?

Essentially, a user would get a task to approve a document and they could either sign it off and/or add comments to it for review.

All of the sign-off information (i.e. a record saying that the person clicked the sign-off button or something) would be permanently attached to that version of the document and traceable for auditing purposes. This way anyone can go back in to the properties of the document and see who signed it off and when.

Does anyone know who to do this? Based on what I've seen, the auditing and traceability of a document through the workflow isn't as intuitive as my management would like to see (if such capability even exisits). With the current examples included in the build, once a document has completed a workflow, there is no record that it was ever attached to that workflow.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get this working, that would be great!