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AVM and associations

Question asked by bartr on Dec 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2007 by jcox

I really love the concepts of layering and sandboxes in the AVM and I'm moving a repository previously created in the non-AVM repository to AVM. (I need multiple 'published' publications that are activated at a given time in the future, and sandboxes seem to be the ideal vehicle for this).

One problem in migrating content between the two stores: in the AVM store it is no longer possible to create 'normal' associations between nodes. I am wondering whether you intend to implement this at a later stage or whether you don't think it's feasible to do so in view of the complexities of 'layered associations'?

I'm currently working around this with multivalued noderefs, but I don't think they're really intended to be used as a replacement for associations (one major problem is that they are really stored as blobs, without the possibility to enforce referential integrity).

Any other suggestions for creating non-parent-child associations in AVM?