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Create new type with no parent cm:folder or cm:content

Question asked by egr on Dec 26, 2006

I've got problem with a particular model.

I have created a new type with a new model but this is in order to have just metadata, not a space neither a content
(no parent folder or content because i don't need properties of cm:content or cm:folder), so i chose the parent sys:base :

<type name="al:notice">
                <property name="al:reference">
                <property name="al:auteur">

I have imported a file XML, in fact an archive ACP with no content, only metadata.
I created a special bean and JSP in order to display a list of these elements (replace browseBean and browse.jsp) and because of my type
has got <parent>sys:base</parent> i have created a new JSP to display the details (replace space-details.jsp).
If i had not created this jsp, i would have had an error with webdavUrl…

For moment, all is ok, but, when i want to modify metadata (icon edition), Alfresco try to save the node as a space and i have an exception :
"Type is not handled by this service: {}notice".
So, how can i create a special type with no parent content or folder and how can i save modifications (when i edit the metadata)
and keep my type {}notice ?

If i'm not enough clear, i can bring more details.

Thanks in advance