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Want to write a webclient with Alfresco at the backend

Question asked by awkhan on Apr 13, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by jpotts

I am doing a prototype to create a website to allow users to upload files which will trigger some workflow.The site will do the following

1) A login page will allow registered users to login.The page will also allow unregistered users to register.
2) When a user registers, a user will be created with 2 pre-seeded folders "PERSONAL" and "PUBLIC".
3) User will have full access to "PERSONAL" folder and only READ access to "PUBLIC" folder.The backend system will upload documents to users "PUBLIC"folder.
4) User will not be able to create any more folder in the root.
5) User can upload any type of file in his "PERSONAL" folder.

I am bit confused about how should I go about it and need some direction.

I have following questions

1) Do I have to use Alfresco Content management system or Web content management system ?
2) Do I have to customize existing web client or should I write a new web client ?
3) In case I have to write a new webclient , Is there a document which takes me through the steps to achieve the same ?

Thanks in advance.Any help will be appreciated!!!