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No Lucene synchro on cluster environment

Question asked by jhoueix on Apr 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2008 by marco.altieri

I'm working presently on the deployment of an Alfresco Cluster ( EHCache replication + lucene synchro ) as described in

The cache replication seems to works fine and I have tested successfully an update propagation.
But the Lucene synchro is not made…

I have tested it by updating  a content  and its metadatas and was not able to detect the changes threw the searching tool.

My test environment is :

-  Alfresco community 2.1
-  Windows XP
-  Two Alfresco deployed on two distinct pc  sharing the same db (Postgres) and the same content repository, with two local lucene indexes..
-  For technical reasons, the caches cannot use the multicasting  and are therefore explicitly set in the  ehcache-custom

In order to enable the Lucene synchro , I just changed the by adding these two lignes :

index.tracking.cronExpression=0/5 * * * * ?

Have I forgotten something for this synchro  to work ?