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Exif metadata extracter

Question asked by stefano@bl on Apr 14, 2008
Hi to all,
I have installed IPTC-EXIF Metadata Extensions but if I try to extract the metadata I can see only IPTC attributes, not Exif.

I use only the XMP parser in the IptcExifMetadataExtracter, not Drew.
I think the problem is because the reader (ExifTool) runs with these paramers : -xmp -b
I did some tests in the command line with these parameters and the result is an XML which contains only some IPTC fields, not the exif informations.
How can I set the ExifTool parameters to load also exif fields?
(I tried with "-exif:all" but the result is not an XML as is expected by the parser, so it doesn't work)

Do you know what can be the parameters to use?

Thank you