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adding menu items under 'more actions' to mimetype

Question asked by whippet on Dec 30, 2006
I am sure my questions has been asked before in different ways but after searching the wiki and forum I have small doubts and wanted to be sure so my apologies.

I am trying to take my own custom mimetype file with the extension ARX and wish to have several items appear under "More Actions" when this file is uploaded. I am working with Alfresco 1.4 and am also slightly worried some of the info I have picked up on dates back to 1.2

I intend to start again from scratch however and would therefore appreciate some short steps or references to steps I need to follow.

So far I have made an entry in custom-model-context.xml for an attempted model defintion called arx-Model.xml that is called via the bootstrap and appears to be valid when run against org.alfresco.repo.dictionary.TestModel, but really I would appreciate some info on key features this ought to implement.

I also made an entry in custom-mimetype-extensions.xml that goes:

      <mimetype mimetype="application/x-arx" display="AI Realtime Extension">

However I was wondering if there are particular features in this file I should have defined.

So far nothing break but nothing works either.

Any info on key files I need to touch on and steps I should follow would really be appreciated.