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Lock problem while deploying

Question asked by jakub.hozak on Apr 14, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2008 by kvc

I've got a problem when deploying the WCM project. There is a locked file/node '__localhost deployment report.txt'
which blocks the process. Everytime I try to deploy some content from the staging sandbox to production, only
an error message appears about the locked file and nothing happens. I tried to delete the file, change it's owner or
even delete it via FTP access but everything fails due to lock's presence. I also tried to delete the node's aspects
{}lockOwner and {}lockType in DB
but that caused Alfresco to report 'node doesn't exist' message. Changing the {}lockType
value to NULL didn't work either.

Is there some way to (manually?) release the lock from the file, delete the file, or take any other course
of action that will allow me to re-enable the deployment?

thanks very much  in advance