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v1.4.0 conversion HSQL to MySQL v5.0.27 not working as expec

Question asked by ndwpgd on Dec 30, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2007 by kevinr
I am new to Alfresco, and searched in the forum for a few hours before posting this.

:?: The problem: The content that I add still goes in alf_data .

I run XP pro SP2 and all recent updates

* I installed java sun 1.6 jdk-6-windows-i586.exe

* I installed alfresco community from the package and explored the functions, all in HSQL

* I stopped the alfresco server

* I installed MySQL from mysql-essentials-5.0.27-win32.msi , InnoDB is started as a service

* I renamed the 3 tomcat\shared\classes\alfresc\extension\custom… to custom… .del

* I renamed alf_data to alf_data_del

* I created the database :>mysql –user=root –password=xyz < db_setup.sql
I see now a third database with "MySQL Administrator" ; Catalog name = alfresco, it contains no tables and no indices

* I started the Alfresco server again
alfresco in MySQL now contains 49 tables and 178 indices
:!: but alf_data is recreated, almost the same structure, but without the hsql_data folder. 

*   :evil: When I add content:
ibdata1 : the size does not increase, however the Modified date changes.
alf_data : content is added in contentstore\2006\…. reflecting what I added

What did I do wrong ?

Thks a lot if somebody can guide me