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Error attempting to obtain child nodes

Question asked by tonygarnet on Jan 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2007 by doblek
I have attempted to retireve the children of a node from the repository using:

       Reference reference = new Reference(STORE, null, path);
        QueryResult queryResult = null;
           queryResult = repositoryService.queryChildren(reference);
        }catch(Exception en){

However, I get an exception:
Error occured getting fragment for path: /CWS/Microsite/C000003184/documentsThe error being: org.iop.microsite.repository.exception.MicrositeApplicationException: AlfrescoMicrositeContentRepositoryDao.getChildNodes- Error reading the child nodes for path: //*[@cm:name='CWS']/*[@cm:name='Microsite']/*[@cm:name='C000003184']/*[@cm:name='documents']

I know that the particular space exists. I need to obtain all the contents from that space.
I have been unable to obtain an error message and using the toString method on the exception does not give any detail.
It would be appreciated if you could assist me and indicate what is wrong.