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Question asked by sergio on Jan 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2007 by sergio
Why does not the following Lucene query work?

+PARENT:"workspace://SpacesStore/a169fc91-9a45-11db-8c36-4fedb9902cf2" +PATH:"/cm:generalclassifiable/cm:Microarray Experiment/cm:CEL file/*"

I have a space with id = a169fc91-9a45-11db-8c36-4fedb9902cf2 and I want to retrieve all the child nodes with a specified category type. Every node/file uploaded to the parent id is automatically assigned with a specific category. In my case a file with extension .cel is assigned with the category CEL file which is a sub-category of Microarray Experiment.

I am sure I have a file with the correct category but the above quesry does not work.

Could anyone explain why it does not work?

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