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RepositoryFault exception: how to get the list of codes

Question asked by sergio on Jan 3, 2007
Hi all.

Two questions about a matter little bit touched in this forum.

Description of the poblem
I made some tests with raising exceptions using ws during the creation of nodes. If a node already exists a RepositoryFault exception is raised with code 0 (zero). I have to intercept the code and the exact cause of the exception in order to manage the exception itself…

First question
…so I need to know where can I find the complete list of error codes and messages.

Second question
My second question is about the customization of error messages. Is it possibile to modify those? Further, is it possibile to provide Alfresco with different bundles of error messages? Is the mechanism of customizing error mesages the same as the one of customizing web page's labels and others messages?

Many thanks to all.

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