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lifecycle with multiple output options

Question asked by robokeefe on Apr 15, 2008
I'm not sure I titled that correctly, but here's what I'm trying to do.

I'm currently researching whether Alfresco is going to accommodate an existing process within our business. I've scoured this forum and perused the book, but I can't get my head around a solution for the following:

I've set up a space with 10 subspaces that represent the various states a piece of content can be in ("A","B","C",etc…). A piece of content needs to move through the lifecycle in a manner similar to this:

Content enters space "A", it's reviewed and can go to either space "B", "C","E" or "G". From "B" it might go to "D","F","G". The user makes the decision which space it goes to next and I want to provide something cleaner than simply manually moving the file between spaces. Once it gets to the last space (final approval) it's lifecycle is essentially done. When a user is working on a document in space "A" I only want "move to B", "move to C", etc.. as options. If a document can't go from "A" directly to "I" I don't want that to be an option. An item in the 'More Actions' list would be ideal, but how would I limit which actions appear for certain spaces.

My question: how have other users tackled a situation like this? Custom Actions? Advanced Workflows? Who knows, Alfresco might be overkill for what I've outlined above, but I have reason to believe that if we decide to use Alfresco it will be utilized for other business functions in the future. Getting it to work for this process would be a great first step.

Since I'm currently in a proof of concept phase to prove this will handle our process I'm primarily looking for a solution that can be configured within the web interface, but if what I'm trying to do can be done by editing the code, I'm not afraid to do that.

Any input is appreciated.