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Lucene combined query - Wildcards failure?

Question asked by sergio on Jan 3, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2007 by kevinr
Hi all.

My problems with Lucene go on, and I am becoming crazy!

The following query:

+PARENT:"workspace://SpacesStore/a169fc91-9a45-11db-8c36-4fedb9902cf2" AND +@\{http\://\}name:'20060919_tizio_test1.CEL"

works fine for me. It should get all the nodes under the PARENT node a169fc91-9a45-11db-8c36-4fedb9902cf2 but only with name 20060919_tizio_test1.CEL. It retrieves exactly one node and it is ok.

On the contrary the following query:

+PARENT:"workspace://SpacesStore/a169fc91-9a45-11db-8c36-4fedb9902cf2" AND +@\{http\://\}name:'20060919_tizio_test1*"

does not work. It retrieves 0 nodes instead of 2. The difference between the 2 queries is that the second uses wildcard *. Is it wrong? Why?

I made thousands of test and I am going to become exhausted.

Please, help me with some explanations. I read the documentation but too examples and a lot of confusion.

All the best,