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Updating from-email-address - interesting behaviour.

Question asked by ryansmith on Jan 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2007 by invantix
Interesting behaviour observed as follows:

(1) I did a fresh install of Alfresco, and migrated over data from an existing installation.  Everything worked well after the migration.

(2) Set up a new Workspace with a rule to email specific users once a file is added.  Problem was that the from email address presented to users as

(3) Changed <from-email-address> value in web-client-config.xml to use a custom email address.  Restarted server.

These steps did not change the from email address for the previously set up Workspace.  However, I did observe that a Workspace set up in a similar manner imported from the other Alfresco server would email to users with an email address that was configured in the original Alfresco server…..

So, to solve the problem, I had to delete all the email rules that were configured prior to updating the web-client-config.xml file and create new onces.  Voila, it all works.

Hope this was clear, maybe it can help someone struggling with the same thing.