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Question asked by german on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2008 by german
Hello everyone.
I wanted to know if Alfresco is possible to have an overview of the system that I have gone to create (sets of folders with rules, users, groups, etc..).
Let me explain better: I must create a space that describes the corporate network, broken down by region (secretariat, development area, technicians etc..).
Each area has allowed for different types of user groups, and each folder can have rules for simple managing flows etc.
What I wanted to know is, since the structure of the system is quite voluminous and complex, a comprehensive view of all, because even if you need to make changes to the structure need to know if I violating some rule anomalies in generating flows or other.
If anyone knows how I can handle this request, although knows the existence of additional tools or otherwise, I do know.
Thank you for your cooperation.