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change authentication in an action

Question asked by grosisimo on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by grosisimo

I was trying to use Actions to move a file to a folder that require higher permission levels than permissions the user that executes the actions has.

So, How can I login as another user inside an action?. Otherwise, is it possible to execute an action as another user? (something like a "sudo").

The idea is that I have a folder where files are pushed to be approved, but nobody but the editor has access to that folder.
So, if I am a normal user and I want to publish a file, I import a file in a special folder (a "drop folder"), and that file is moved to the hidden folder ("waiting to be approved"). That user shouldn't be able to get the content of that hidden folder, so, to put a file in that folder I need to "login" as another user who can add files to it (or at least to get the permissions needed just for a couple of source lines).