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Launching directly into a space

Question asked by davidturner90 on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by davidturner90
I am customising the existing 'out of the box' UI and would like to provide links from a 3rd party application that lauches the user into a particular folder space.

I know this is possible by calling the http://[domain]:[port]/[context path]/n/browse/workspace/SpacesStore/990c1661-07c9-11dd-9dbc-355e1e9aa365

This calls the and it is here that I am looking to extend the functionality.

In this scenario the 3rd party app has to provide the link to launch into the space in Alfresco - however it will not know the space store location. What they will have is a unique id which they will pass in as a request param - this id could map to the description of the folder in Alfresco when it is initially created.

So I would like to search for all folders within Alfresco that have a description matching the id passed in the URL. If more than one then throw an error. If one is found check permissions and then display the browse page.

Has anybody has to integrate anything like this before and if so what approach did you take?