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Initial Version not set on Inherited Versionable Aspect

Question asked by jgreen on Jan 9, 2007
I have a content model that defines the Versionable aspect as a mandatory aspect for a content type (Type_A).  Subtypes of (Type_A) add additional attributes and associations (Type_B, Type_C …).

On the load of new content, rules fire to specialize the type of content as a one of the subtypes (Type_B, Type_C) based on the content name.

In this scenario, the versionable aspect is correctly applied, but the initial version of the document is not created.  Updates (Including delete) to the document result in Integrity failures and a message of
The current version label of the node does not exist in the version history.

Copying the problem nodes to another space resolves the issue and assigns an initial version.

Any recommendations ?