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Installation Alfresco and JBoss Portal

Question asked by majoko on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2008 by steve
I' ve installed the jboss 4.2.2 with jboss portal 2.6.4 package. Then I've downloaded the alfresco-community-war-2.9.0B package and deployed it. Changed the database (now it it running on mysql 4.1.XX). It is running on a windows 2000 with jdk 1.5.0_14.
I seems that it all is running fine. If I call localhost:8080/alfresco I get the alfreso startpage and can log in as admin.

1. As I understand at this point there is no running alfresco WCM. Am I right?
2. I would like to use alfresco as repository in jboss portal.
Where can I find the alfresco portlet which is announced in the portletswap area of jboss?
Can I use alfresco instead of jackrabbit in JBoss portal? Is there any documentation for this?

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