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Action/Condition — setId

Question asked by doblek on Jan 9, 2007
Hi all,

I'm using Alfresco web services (1.3) in order to create a rule for a space but i've encountered some problems with the condition or action IDs

As far as I know, this ID is used to fill the UUID property of action/condition nodes so it should be a unique identifier… but, how can I retrieve a "free" UUID from Alfresco?
I had some problems so i decided to leave it blank (I thought it would be filled by Alfresco internally) but it complaints saying "[size=75] Non nillable element 'id' is null.[/size]"
If I try to create this UUID for myself, I think I could run into trouble sooner o later  :?
How do you fill this attribute when creating an Action or a Condition object?

Any help would be very much appreciatted =)

Thanks in advance,

PS: sorry for my bad English