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How to access alfresco engine API and services

Question asked by roby71 on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2008 by jeanmonod

I would like to develop a new web-application using alfresco "engine" and service API but I don't want use Web Services approch.

Further I would like to re-write a new web-client (using jsf and/or struts plus any other j2ee framworks as ajax…) to implement my custom GUI and functions.

So well, to do that I would like to build my web-app on top Alfresco repository and back-end services but I can't find any starting point example and
any detailed documents on this topic.

I already tryed to use Alfresco SDK but it seem to isn't what I want. I think that I get access directly to Alfresco Fundation API but how?

Anyone could tell me if this is possible and give me any hints and/or show me any starting points and write me few lines that describe the "best practice" approch to reach this result.

Thanks in advance,