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Can not reassign task to group - bug in JBPMEngine class?

Question asked by erik.kirs on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on May 12, 2009 by erik.kirs
Hi all!

Using Alfresco SDK 2.1.0 I tried to extend functionality of ReassignTaskDialog to enable task reassignment to users group, not only user.

But following code call crashes with ClassCastException:

List<NodeRef> nodeList  = …..
params.put(WorkflowModel.ASSOC_POOLED_ACTORS, nodeList);
this.workflowService.updateTask(this.taskId, params, null, null);

Exception occures in org.alfresco.repo.workflow.jbpm.JBPMEngine class (row 2006):

if (value instanceof JBPMNodeList[])
    JBPMNodeList actors = (JBPMNodeList)value;


Best regards, Erik