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kerberos ad integration ldap synchronization only for accoun

Question asked by cobradevil on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2008 by lshaki
Hello People,

I have succesfully integrated kerberos with cifs and http.

Now i have a question about the acccounts that will be created/synchronized.

I have a directory server with 100000+ accounts i do not want that all people to get synchronized because most of the people will not use alfresco.

What i do with other applications is when a user logs with kerberos and there is no account information then the user information will be searched in (anonymous ldap) where the rest of the attributes will be retrieved.

I wanna do this also with alfresco.

So when someone logs in for the first time and he doesn't have an account the account where he is logging in with should be used to create his account on the fly.

Does someone know such a setup or how this can be accomplished?

With kind regards

William van de Velde