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Add 'specific' properties

Question asked by maraki on Apr 19, 2008
Latest reply on May 8, 2008 by jzulu2000

I 'd like to add some properties but there are some difficulties…

If you add a file and then you click details, it appears a page that includes properties (such as name, content type, encoding,author, size etc) . I found that the file which is responsible for the properties is here:

I want to add some more properties but I want them  to be depended on the kind of the file that is added.
For example if it is a pdf file, the user should be able to add a summary of the pdf, or
if it is a jpg file the user should be able to add resolution (something that will not have any point in the case of a pdf file).

I couldn t find how alfresco is recognize the kind of the file.. and if/how properties of a file can be changed/added.
Have you got any idea of how this can be done???