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Question asked by erwinp on Jan 10, 2007

i've been looking at Alfresco for a few days now since we need a CMS as part of an application we're creating. One type of content that should be managed are documents and Alfresco seams to deliver everything we need for that.

At the other hand we also would like to define custom data models and store data in it using the web client but this seams to be a problem. As an example i would like to create a Company model in which each company has a set of employees and each employee can have multiple addresses.

The 'data dictionary guide' shows me how to define and install the model and 'displaying custom meta-data' explains how i can use this model in the web client.  The first problem i had was that my company content type must extend cm:content, otherwise it can't appear in the web client, when doing so i can select if the the content is text or HTML but of course it's none of both.

Can Alfresco be used in the way i would like to and if so can i find a good example that explains how to do so?

Thanks a lot,