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Simple Kind of Single Sign on

Question asked by roli8200 on Apr 19, 2008
Latest reply on May 11, 2012 by dscott
Hello All

We're currently on testimplementation of a tripple solution based on:
   Zimbra (Groupware and stores the User Database in LDAP)
   Typo3 (Makes the Intranet Page and userlogin)
   Alfresco (for the Document  Management)

Now, the Typo3-Intranet-Page and Alfresco share the useraccounts with Zimbra (the ones from the ldap database). So on the Typo3-site I know the usernames and passwords of the users (while login, plaintext).

I already made a small Typo3-Extension to make a single sign on connection back to Zimbra using the Zimbra's preauth mechanism.
To get alfresco also 'into' the single sign on I thought it should be possible to create a single link on the intranet-page which contains the username and password and allows a direct logon to Alfreso.

I saw that the normal login.jsp uses POST to make the authentication. Is it also possible to use a kind of GET statement for logon?

Many Thanks

Roland Käser