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Using Authoring Web Service in .NET enviroment

Question asked by marcostopper on Apr 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by james888
I've found a .NET project where all Alfresco Web Service are usable.
I can do correclty the login, upload a document etc…
Now I'm trying to use the "Authoring" Web Service to get the "VersionHistory" object that contain all the information about document's versions.
The problem is when I call the metod:  getVersionHistory(Reference node)

When I call this method it return the object VersionHistory with all the fields set to null.

I set up the reference in this way:
uuid: node id
path: null
store: pointer to the store

I set up the store in this way:
scheme: versionStore
address: SpaceStoreAuth

Is this correct? How can I set up the reference node and the store to obtain the VersionHistory object correctlly?

Thank you for your help!!