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How to share a ticket for for many web service calls

Question asked by sergio on Jan 11, 2007
Hi all.

I have 2 web pages calling 2 different custom web services.

The first one is a login page (similar to the one of Alfresco web app) and calls a custom ws used to login and get the current user ticket (in case of login success). The current user ticket is saved as a session variable inside my custom web app.

The second page is used to call another custom ws that no more tries to login. I would like this second ws could use the current user ticket in order to execute its tasks without logging again. Is it possible? How?

So, more in general, am I allowed to share a ticket among many ws callings from different web pages?

I know the possibility of attaching the current ticket to dowload servlet as a parameter, but it is not the case.

Any help will be very appreciated.

All the best,