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irregular error with RepositoryService

Question asked by tim-erwin on Apr 21, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2008 by tim-erwin

I have Alfresco (2.9, but was the same with 2.1) instances running on tomcats on 4 machines as well as 1 virtual machine (xen). Operating systems are Windows XP and debian linux. My application is also running in the tomcats and connects to Alfresco. So I make connections from machine A to B, B to A, A to A, … a lot possibilities. Believe it or not: the following error depends on the connection.

The last line within my application's realm is:
Node[] selfs = null;
selfs = repositoryService.get(new Predicate(refs, Filesystem.STORE, null));
refs contains 1 valid (!) reference, Filesystem.STORE the standard store. Just performing that call over and over again by browsing through the repository, not changing the latter.

On my personal computer (WinXP) connecting to any machine e.g. that error occurs if I don't send any request to Alfresco for 20 secs. However, after the error occurred there may be a big time span until the next request which than works fine again without re-login or similar (until I wait 20 secs again…). For other connections no error occurs at all. For others every now and then. It seems it works better if the two applications don't reside on one physical machine.

Any hints on what I could have done wrong, how to search/get more precise information is much appreciated.



Another interesting scenario: Alfresco on machine X, my application on the virtual machine on X -> every other request gives that error, 100% regular. Klick, error, refresh, works, refresh/klick, error, refresh, works…