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Security Warnings using Alfresco Pages

Question asked by norgan on Apr 21, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2008 by marcus
Good day,
my company security software finds it quite alarming, when I move on alfresco pages, which always results in beeps, flashes, popups etc, warning me of attacs to compromize my computer.

Following alarms are currently "active", usually by simply calling up the "homepage" of the Forums or the Wiki :
* HTML Hostname overflow :; Threat level serious
* HTTP Mozilla_Nonascii_B0 :; Threaf level serious
* All kinds of "Warning, malformed PNG; ICON, JPG; threat  level medium

Its not really a problem using the sites, but out of principle, maybe somebody can have a look into this, because faulty implementations are just something, which makes people get bored by security alerts and start ignoring them :)

Just my 2 cent to make adminwork worse ;-)

Regards, Norgan