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Unexpected orphan file

Question asked by ndwpgd on Jan 11, 2007
The sequence of actions below caused "Attempting to close a wizard with an empty view stack" error. The document was then inaccessible : "Unable to find the repository item ….  the record has probably been deleted from the database."
Stopping and restarting Tomcat made them again accessible, but not as I expected.

Q1. Is the sequence due to a bug in combination with NoteTab ?
Q2. Is there a tool that allows to recover orphans without shutting down the server?

The sequence:
Checked-out a document.
Edited v1 with the built in editor.
Hit the "Open Network folder \\AP230_A\…." button to edit externally.
Began to edit v2 (I use NoteTab Light 4.95 ) .
Hit save, then NoteTab informed me  that another application  had modified the file in the meantime ; Reload it ? I replied yes. Then the browser became irrational. Could no longer navigate  (same page kept come back) . 
On the Tomcat cmd: "WARN [] Attempting to close a wizard with an empty view stack, retunning null outcome"  .
Logged out and could not login: Invalid username password (but from another PC I could). 
After 10 min I could log in again without reason.
The client proposed to "Update a document on the repository with content from your computer" . Reason:  "Unable to find the repository item referenced by Id: d0901817-9fb6-11db-97f0-ab53f15adf69 - the record has probably been deleted from the database."  Tried to check it in or to cut the working copy: impossible, node does not exist .
Did undo the checkout, the lock was removed but the "link" to the working copy was still there.
Stopped and restarted the server. Now I have the doc plus 2 working copies. Congrats for the cleanup.
One working copy containing v2. The name says working copy, but it is a doc that can be checked out ( this is maybe due to the fact that I undid the check out)
One working copy with extension .bak that contains v1 and I could send to the recycle bin.

I run 1.4.0 on mySQL 5.0.27 on XP SP2