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Content Deployment Tool

Question asked by harrymoore on Jan 11, 2007
I have a tool that deploys content from Alfresco WCM spaces to a remote file system or to another Alfresco server (or to both). This tool could possibly be available sometime in the near future from Alfresco directly. Possibly even part of the distribution. I'm looking for help in testing the tool. If this tool is something anyone on the forum may be interested in using when Alfresco WCM is released then I think it would benefit you to make sure the application works in your environment and that your use case is covered.

If anyone is interested in helping to test then please send me an email at I'm looking for about 4 to 6 "beta testers" for now.

At this point, I will not be distributing any source code as we do not have a licensing model finalized yet. I have a binary distribution that runs on both windows and linux. It is a pure java solution so it should run in just about any environment.