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A Quick Introduction

Question asked by tajensen72 on Jan 12, 2007
Hi, all,

I just wanted to quickly introduce myself to the community.  I'm just building my development environment as I write this.

I've spent the last six years as the content management architect at Sungard Higher Education (, driving the releases of their WCM product called Luminis CMS.  SGHE was one of the first OEM customers Documentum signed years ago, so I've spent the last six years up to my neck in Documentum.

I am now working with Vignette at a new job.

I've lived and breathed content management long enough that I want to provide a little more to that environment than I've been able to.  Alfresco seemed like the right project for that, so I'm here and plan on participating significantly (well, as significantly as a full-time employed, father-of-four, husband, and WoW player (but not addict! ;))) can.

Looking forward to getting to know you!