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Limit Tenant Size 2.9C

Question asked by jlabuelo on Apr 22, 2008
Hi guys

I have been playing with the 2.9C version in MT mode for a while, and works pretty much ok for me ( well for what I need which is a multi-orgaization environment to save and keep documentation accesible).

Everytime when I create a tenant I specify a folder in my C:\ drive where this tenant will store its documentation…. however I have a question that can be a future problem …"The size of a Tenant".

Could we stablish the max size of a tenant somehow???, also I have noticed that with the installation for Windows plataforms of last nightly build of 21-April-08, it runs a configuration for JMX Monitor and Control. As this is the first time I see this JMX configuration, Does this means that  the information like the tenant size can be monitored???

Thanks a lot guys